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Webinar: Benefits and Limitations of Bituminous Set Pavers (NON-ELECTIVE)
Learn when a project benefits from a bitumen sand setting bed or a rigid concrete base, and the limitations of this standard.
Webinar: Build Raised Patios that Last with Proper Construction Techniques (ELECTIVE)
Help homeowners see more potential in their living space! Transform a yard into a beautiful raised patio that extends entertainment capacity.
Webinar: Comparing PICP to Other Infiltration Pavement Systems (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join us to hear about the advantages that Permeable Pavement infiltration systems offer.
Webinar: Designing Rooftop, Pedestal and Deck Overlays Applications with Slabs (ELECTIVE)
Investigate design and construction of roof decks for pedestrian plazas and vehicular parking and driving areas, including paving product and Factory Mutual design recommendations.
Webinar: Effective use of Geosynthetic Materials in Hardscape Construction for Long-Term Performance (ELECTIVE)
Get an introduction to geosynthetics that includes functions, soil and soil properties, geotextiles, geogrids and geomembranes.

Safety Webinars

Webinar: OSHA-Required Competent Persons Training (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join ICPI to review OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards for Competent Persons on the construction site.
Webinar: OSHA-Required Workers Respirable Silica Training (ELECTIVE)
Workers in the Concrete Paver industry may be exposed to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace. Join ICPI to review OSHA Silica Standards.

Tech Spec Webinars

Webinar: Tech Spec 11 – Mechanical Installation of ICP and Tech Spec 15 – Specification of Mechanically Installed ICP (ELECTIVE)
Examine mechanical installation of interlocking concrete pavers and developing a construction specification.
Webinar: Tech Spec 18 - Construction of PICP (NON-ELECTIVE)
Learn the proper way to lay PICP and how it can benefit your company, your clients, and the environment.
Webinar: Tech Spec 2 - Construction of Interlocking Concrete Pavement (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join Carl Petersen and Frank Bourque as they discuss the Construction of ICP.
Webinar: Tech Spec 23 - PICP Maintenance (NON-ELECTIVE)
Learn the proper techniques to apply to your PICP Projects to make them profitable and last.
Webinar: Tech Spec 3 - Edge Restraints (NON-ELECTIVE)
Learn the best practices when using Edge Restraints in the field. Join ICPI and Donny Duke as he discusses uses and types of edge restraints and their importance.

HR / Office Management

Webinar: Engaging Your Employees for Improved Performance (ELECTIVE)
Learn the why’s and how’s of the 3E’s for improving human performance (engaging, equipping, and empowering people.
Webinar: H-2B Program (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join ICPI and FEWA (Federation of Employers and Workers of America) to discuss the H2B program and how it may benefit you and your company.
Webinar: How to Attract, Retain, and Motivate Today's Hardscape Workforce (NON-ELECTIVE)
Curious how to keep your workforce, or add to it? Interested in growing your business and keeping your skilled crews? Learn some of the best practices on how to motivate your teams, and how to prosper in the industry.
Webinar: Setting Up Your Mobile Office with New Innovative Tools, Apps and Resources to Increase Profits and Efficiency (ELECTIVE)
Learn how to integrate technology and mobile applications in your business to increase productivity, efficiency, and profits of your teams.

Sales Webinars

Webinar: 7 Key Principles (Everyone Should Know) for Sales Success (Members Only) (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join ICPI and Randy Anderson to discuss 7 key principles for successful Sales!
Webinar: Advanced Selling Skills (NON-ELECTIVE)
This webinar is designed to provide you with advanced information on how to provide a complete solution for your client, while boosting your revenue.
Webinar: Comparing PICP to Other Infiltration Pavement Systems (NON-ELECTIVE)
Join us to hear about the advantages that Permeable Pavement infiltration systems offer.
Webinar: Competitive Advantages of Concrete Pavers (ELECTIVE)
Join ICPI as we discuss the competitive and structural advantages of concrete pavers.
Webinar: How to get Changes to Municipal Codes and Homeowner Associations (NON-ELECTIVE)
Carl Peterson of Nicolock Paving Stones, discusses best-practices to work with municipalities and homeowners to provide the customer what they want.

Instructor Webinars

Webinar: CPI 9th Ed. Instructor Update (INSTRUCTOR)
Instructor update for new edition of CPI Manual
Webinar: Speaker Training for ICPI Design Professionals
This is a required video to be an Authorized Speaker for ICPI Design Professionals

Demo Videos

Demo Video: HNA 2015 Paver Installation
Live Demo Video from HNA 2015

Informational webinars are webinars for members which do not provide any Continuing Education Hours, but do provide updates in regard to the ICPI and its subsidiaries. If you have a question in regard to these webinars please email or call 703 657 6900 for assistance.

Informational Webinars

Webinar: ICPI Membership 2019-2020 Plans for the Future (Members Only)
Join Kendall Anderegg and Charles McGrath as they discuss the future of ICPI.
Webinar: ICPI Foundation Projects Update (Members Only)
Join David Smith, Technical Director of ICPI to learn about the ICPI Foundation Projects.
Webinar: ICPI Membership 2018-2019 Fiscal Year Recap (Members Only)
Join ICPI Leaders to review the 2018-19 Fiscal Year.