Business Management Webinars

  • Give them Something to Talk About-Growing your Business

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    Tired of paying too much for marketing that doesn’t work? Do you think that Yelp, Thumbtack, Google, Angie’s List and Home Advisor are just fads? Think again! Using a focused and structured review program and technician incentives, you can rocket your company to the top. In this workshop, Susan Frew will teach you how to get reviews, fix a bad reputation, get your technicians involved and cut down on your marketing budget. Your business cannot afford to miss this cutting-edge strategy and how to put it into play immediately.

  • The Power of Breakeven Analysis

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    There are only three paths to increasing profits – spend less, charge more or do more work. As the economy improves, you need to make strategic decisions about growth. Financial and management consultant Leslie Shiner will explain how to create a breakeven analysis to help make crucial decisions. Play the “what-if” game to forecast the consequences of changes in overhead, margin and sales volume, and learn how avoid confusing the markup you charge with the margin you achieve.

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