Specialist Course Electives

Webinar: Build Raised Patios that Last with Proper Construction Techniques (ELECTIVE)
Help homeowners see more potential in their living space! Transform a yard into a beautiful raised patio that extends entertainment capacity.
Webinar: Competitive Advantages of Concrete Pavers (ELECTIVE)
Join ICPI as we discuss the competitive and structural advantages of concrete pavers.
Webinar: Designing Rooftop, Pedestal and Deck Overlays Applications with Slabs (ELECTIVE)
Investigate design and construction of roof decks for pedestrian plazas and vehicular parking and driving areas, including paving product and Factory Mutual design recommendations.
Webinar: Effective use of Geosynthetic Materials in Hardscape Construction for Long-Term Performance (ELECTIVE)
Get an introduction to geosynthetics that includes functions, soil and soil properties, geotextiles, geogrids and geomembranes.
Webinar: Engaging Your Employees for Improved Performance (ELECTIVE)
Learn the why’s and how’s of the 3E’s for improving human performance (engaging, equipping, and empowering people.

Professional Course Electives

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