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In the hardscape industry, craftsmanship and technique are how you set yourself apart from the competition. Boost your knowledge, skills, and recognition today!

Why get educated?

Industry education helps not just your product(s), but your bottom line. Hardscape installation is skilled work with expensive materials. We must educate both those in the industry, as well as our customers, on the value of quality work and materials. The goal of our courses is that you do the work right, and get paid what you deserve. 


Simply put, We offer professional education without artisan prices. Our courses are offered at prices below the often sky-high cost of professional development, and we have worked for almost 30 years to improve the hardscape industry. Our industry education, as well as our relationship with industry leaders, reflects that. We offer you industry specific business, installation, and sales advice from leading experts that you will not find anywhere else. 

Before You Get Started

Thank you for your interest in ICPI's education opportunities! Below you will find online, on-demand courses for certification and advanced designations.

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Installer Certification

The Concrete Paver Installer Course is for individuals currently employed or seeking a career in the hardscape industry, and are looking to pursue education, certification, and industry recognition. Whether you are looking to advance your career in the industry, or are just starting out, the participants of this course will gain knowledge on advances in technology and technique, best practices, and guidelines. 

Who should register:

-Those looking to start a career in the hardscape industry.

-New employees of hardscape companies, or those looking for training opportunities for new employees.

-Engineers, city planners, and architects looking to become more familiar with all that hardscaping has to offer.

Learning objectives:

-Understand the complete process of installation for interlocking concrete pavers, from job planning and material selection, to maintenance and quality assurance.

-Become familiar with jobsite safety protocols, as well as industry-leading best practices for businesses of any size.

-Understand the role and function of the various team members and machines that may be present at the jobsite.

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Specialist Designations

Individuals who are active Certified Concrete Paver Installers and are looking to further their level of specialized knowledge, are eligible to earn a “specialist” designation in residential, commercial, or PICP. 

Who Should Register:

-Certified installers looking to advance their career by furthering their education

-Business owners or contractors looking to break into a new section of the hardscapes market

-Certified installers looking to start working with permeable pavements and/or sustainable installations 

Learning Objectives 

-Learners will acquire specialized and sophisticated knowledge from experts across the industry in whichever designation they choose

-Specialized job plans, ideas, and recommendations to target the specific markets that the learner is interested in

-Cutting-edge research on the hottest trends in the industry - Permeable pavements, raised or multi-level patios, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Advance your knowledge with a specialist designation in residential, commercial, or PICP. Here’s how:


Residental Specialist
Commercial Specialist

Professional Designations

Advance your skills even further by earning a “professional” designation in residential or commercial, the highest level offered by ICPI! The professional designation courses are the most advanced courses ICPI offers and are designed for business owners looking to learn more about best business management practices. Individuals looking to take this course must be an active Certified Concrete Paver Installer with a Specialist Designation

Who Should Register:

-Top talent looking to advance their skills and marketability within the hardscape industry. 

-Business owners, foreman, and other management looking to expand into new markets or build new teams.

Learning Objectives 

-Industry specific business and logistical strategies for businesses of any size, with an emphasis on growth.

-Hardscape industry specific advice on hiring and employee retention.

-Planning and implementing company-wide policies and safety protocols.

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Residential Professional  


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