Virtual Hardscape North America 2022 Package

Contents and Instructors:

Installation Track 1 - 

Installing Landscape Lighting for Hardscape Projects - Jim Frederick

Top Differences Between ICP and PICP Installation - Robert Bowers, P. Eng. 

Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing Pavers - Jay Krech

Installing Natural Stone - James Fitzsimmons

Installing Porcelain in Pool & Spa Applications - Marc Larsen

Installation Track 2 - 

Installing Raised Patios & Segmental Retaining Walls - Frank Bourque

Beginners Guide to Construction Math: Areas and Volume - Bryan Horr, P.E.

Hardscape Installations in Tight Quarters and Challenging Sites - Frank Bourque

Pedestal Porcelain Installations Demo - Marc Larsen

Advanced Techniques in Patterns and Borders - Dan Hughes

Business Track - 

Business Roundtable: Recruiting and Other Tricks of the Trade - Frank Bourque, Jeremy Martin, Harrison Woytko, Patrick Murray

Succession Planning - Jerry Gaeta 

Managing for Success: Striking a Balance Between Doing and Managing - Leslie Shiner

Grow Your Business by Adding Professional Design Services - Frank Bourque

Estimating Hardscape Projects with Confidence - Jerry Gaeta

Sales Track - 

Sales Roundtable: Selling in Today’s Environment - Trevor Fearn, Josh Barnes, Donny Duke, Steve Nelson

Enhancing Your Customer’s Experience to Build Loyalty - Gary Ross

Keys to Successful Contractor/Distributor Relationships - Ed Fioroni, PhD

Selling in a Digital World - Corey Halstead

How to Make a Compelling Sales Offer - Gary Ross

Marketing Track - 

Marketing Roundtable: Getting Your Word on the Street - Kathy Granger, Sam Gembel, Charissa Farley, Derek Whisenand

Better Marketing, Better Employees: The Secret Weapon to Recruiting - Corey Halstead

Using Time-Lapse Videos, Drones, and Other Media for Sales and Marketing - Tom Gardocki

Creating Authenticity in Marketing - Steven Hawkins

Emotional Marketing for Hardscaping - Kathy Granger

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