Hardscape Sales Representative Career Path

Build Your Sales Career

Want to maximize your company's profits and build your career? ICPI offers the education you need. Gain knowledge about concrete pavers and installation, while building your understanding of specific sales strategies and tactics.

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Career Path and Educational Opportunities

ICPI offers a three-step process for sales professionals:

  1. Become a Concrete Paver Sales Technician (CPST) - Pass the ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course, an in-person, two-day classroom course that provides an introduction to the construction of interlocking concrete pavement systems using concrete pavers and slabs. All coursed are taught by ICPI Authorized Instructors. 
  2. Earn Your Concrete Paver Sales Specialist designation - ICPI will offer two specialist courses for sales professionals Residential CPS-RS and Commercial CPS-CS; These online courses require participants to pass twelve modules, ten required and two electives.
  3. Gain Your Concrete Paver Sales Professional (CPSP) designation - To earn the highest sales professional designation, you need to pass the Concrete Paver Sales Professional Course, a live, two-day event that provides an overview of competitive systems and provides technical background specific to PICP, related software, product specifications, plan review, and bidding procedures are also covered.