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On-Demand and Live Webinars

ICPI conducts a number of webinars every year focused on the latest industry best practices, design, and business issues:

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Upcoming Live Webinars

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Concrete Grid Pavements: Design, Construction & Maintenance Webinar

Date: December 17, 2019 - 1:00 PM Eastern

Presenter: David Smith

Concrete Grid Pavements: Design, Construction & Maintenance


    Join ICPI’s Technical Director, David R. Smith, as he presents uses and benefits of concrete grid pavements. Since the late 1970s, research demonstrating runoff, pollutant, and heat reductions have expanded the range of applications that go beyond what plastic grids offer. Learn about these benefits that better position concrete grid pavements as a niche market product for reinforcing turf subject to occasional vehicular traffic and for erosion control. The presentation covers ASTM product specifications, design options, construction and maintenance.


    Free For Members as part of the Installer Webinar Series!
      $50 Non-Member


Congressional Promotion Plan: How to Meet Your Local Representative

Date: Upcoming Soon! 

Presenters: Richard Bodie, Vice President Commercial Sales, Pavestone

                    Bryan Horr, Manger of Technical Development and Market Promotion, ICPI

Congressional Promotion Plan: How to Meet Your Local Representative


    We want Congress to become more aware of permeable interlocking concrete pavements. This this starts with you and your company! Please join us for this free webinar December 11. We will teach you how to get a meeting with your Member of Congress to familiarize them with your company, its employees and its business impact in your local community. Additionally, how your company is a possible important business constituency that supports Permeable Pavements and recommends it be treated as a priority for your Member of Congress.

Fees: FREE!!


Attitude, The Intangible Asset That Makes  Huge Difference

Date: January 6, 2019 - 1:00 PM Eastern

Presenter: Gary Ross


Fees: Free for Members as part of the Installer Webinar Series

           $50.00 - Non Member


Tech Spec 22: Geosynthetics

Date: January, 23 2020 - 1:00 PM Eastern

Presenter: Rob Bowers


    Provide a brief history of Geosynthetics
    Fundamentals and Guidelines
    Applications and Uses as it pertains to the Hardscape Industry and specifically Interlocking Concrete Pavers


    $30 Voting Member
    $35 Affiliate Member
    $40 Informational Member
    $50 Non-Member